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What We’re All About

Gonzo Parenting is a comedic online space for hosting real parenting conversations between individuals
who are in need of entertainment, catharsis, community and an outlet to express themselves. Hosted by Jay
Rooke, the group posts funny parenting content, tips for modern day moms and dads, exclusive offers and
giveaways and opportunities for engagement with like-minded parents.

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When Jay was in a particularly rough place in his parenthood journey, going to Facebook to share the chaos became his savior. He treated his page like a bit of a plea or a diary, sharing the good, bad and ugly of daily life as a full-time Dad during the quarantine. His audience truly understood him, responded and validated his emotional turmoil. By humor-izing the pain he was going through, he had a sense of worth each day. Since, the group has grown to over 1,300 members. Join us in this seemingly impossible parenting journey – we’re all in this together.

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We are always looking to collaborate with other parenting-related businesses!

Interested in being a guest or sponsor on our podcast? We’d love to have you come on and share your hilarious parenting stories or discuss your product/service that Gonzo Parents need.

For press inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form. Jay is available to discuss all things Gonzo Parenting, including tips he’s learned, poignant advice, and stories parents will love to hear.

Our goal is to unite the parenting community as a whole, bringing in members from all walks of life, including different industries and businesses, to share their offerings along with their parenting advice.

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Did we mention that Jay is also a business coach, speaker, writer and former attorney? Jay has
experienced many walks of life and can provide a clear and fresh perspective on your business and how to juggle that while raising young ones.

When you sign up for a JayWalking session you will:

Learn to trust your intuition and trust your path

● Change your relationship with your thoughts
● Benefit from an insightful and impartial sounding board
● Launch a new business
● Optimize your current business
● Make big decisions
● Get unstuck
● Improve self-understanding and get a fresh perspective
● Grow in leadership competency and capacity