Mother’s Day is May 8th!!!

Give her the gift of humor, harmony & happiness and buy her a seat at Laugh, Heal, Reveal!

Do you know a mom that could use a little mojo boost coming off of Covid, or if you ARE that mom, snag a virtual seat at this 2-1/2 hour experience the week after Mother’s Day.  We’ll play through a series of comedy, workshops and exercises where we’ll focus on the following:


We ALL need more laughter after the insanity of the last few years. There will be some shenanigans and storytelling because things have been wayyyy too serious!! Connect with other Moms and laugh till you cry or vice-versa! 


Most of the parents I know are burned out and we’ve been running on empty, suppressing our emotions while we held it together for our families. As the saying went: “Check in on your parent friends, cuz they’re not doing well.”  We’ll take some time to pause, catch our breath, and process some of the scar tissue we’ve been dealing with during the Covid gong show. We’ll explore what we need to heal and take the time to honor our own process. 


We’re all different people than we were at the start of 2020. We all suffered, and we all lost something, and yet many of us experienced quarantine as “The Great Awakening.” We learned that there are aspects of our former lives that we’re letting go of, but most importantly learning aspects of ourselves we want to become more of.  Lots of people aren’t going back to work, others are changing jobs, and some are launching their own businesses, but it’s so much more than just our occupations.  What’s next for you? Let’s get deliberate and intentional about crafting that vision, and define what’s next and how we’re going to make it happen.

The first 25 to register will receive a free sample of Sonoma Salve lotion and Dobson’s Choice CBD pain relief balm! 

Laugh, Heal, Reveal will unfold on Sunday, May 15th from 10am-1230pm PST, virtual via Zoom.


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