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The Pain of Parenting During the Pandemic

“I’m freaked out and scared and worried and having trouble navigating this, whether it’s work or relationship, and [the kids] are too! But I have to tell them it’s okay.” -Jake Hajer, Gonzo Parent    Here are some tips to help you avoid pandemic parenting altogether, or at least to recover faster if you find

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Welcome to Gonzo Parenting Podcast

Our real-life parents will talk truth about parenting in a round table environment where they’ll discuss the hidden challenges of being a parent, talk about the things that perfect parents would never talk about, share their best parenting tips & tricks, and of course their most epic Gonzo Parenting moments.

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Coming Out of Covid

As we are coming out of the pandemic, it’s easy to feel like we’re doing everything wrong. We’re constantly tired, we’re stressed, and sometimes it feels like our only redeeming quality is that we were born with parenting genes and therefore are genetically predisposed to rock parenting (in some way hopefully).

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The Utter Shitshow of Parenting

Parenting is the toughest commitment we can ever make. Kids are crazy. They act in the weirdest ways possible which results in an utter shitshow in our parenting journey. And it’s not even about how they throw tantrums and throw fits.

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