Gonzo Comic: The Adventure Begins


This toon was inspired by the video that launched the GonzoParenting.com brand. The full video can be seen on the Gonzo Parenting YouTube channel. And now for the story…

My wife Alice is asleep on the coach in the living room on Saturday afternoon:

This is why you don’t leave me unsupervised. As you can see by the pic in the comments, the Robitussin martini I made Alice worked. Now that I’m free, I had life to lead.

If you haven’t gotten pushed around your neighborhood rickshaw-style, you need to check your Supreme Leader game.

There’s no “wait for it” moment in the video. As much as it pains me to not have something shocking to share, this is my equivalent of a kittens post.

You know how (more likely than not) a child likes the box more than the toy it contained? I took advantage of the afternoon to imagineer a new garage rec room with Alice Liddell Rooke, and in doing so, I came across a furniture dolly.

Like the cardboard box, when the twins asked what a furniture dolly was, I told them it was a sidewalk luge. Then they asked what that was.

On the replay, I now realize that Calvin is saying “to the New York Island” because he’s singing “This Land is Your Land.”

I will also note that I almost went into cardiac arrest after pushing them for merely four houses.
Do you realize how lucky these kids are that we live in flat suburbia? Because if we lived on a hill….