Welcome to Gonzo Parenting Podcast


What’s up, Gonzo Parents?  Welcome to the Gonzo Parenting Podcast! I’m your host, Jay Rooke, and I’m the founder of GonzoParenting.com and a father to six year old boy/girl twins.

In the Gonzo Parenting podcast, we invite real parents to share their authentic, hilarious stories that capture the shitshow of modern parenting, by reporting from the frontlines and telling it like it really is.  

Our real-life parents will talk truth about parenting in a round table environment where they’ll discuss the hidden challenges of being a parent, talk about the things that perfect parents would never talk about, share their best parenting tips & tricks, and of course their most epic Gonzo Parenting moments.  

We’ll also interview parenting and personal development experts to help us with the personal growth we need to do to become the parents we want to be.  

We created the Gonzo Parenting podcast to make you laugh, but we also want to cultivate conscious parenting, and through cathartic story-telling ease the heaviness of being a parent.  GonzoParenting.com is all about comedy, catharsis, community, consciousness and connection, so you’ll see each of those values within each episode. 

My intention is for this podcast to be a parenting resource, but most importantly a source of humor and sanctuary for stressed out parents. Think of it as a community where you can come and unwind, let your guard down and be real, and learn some valuable parenting hacks along the way. 

We’re all craving more community, so you also get to connect with like-minded parents who think that perfect parenting is for fakers, who believe that parent shaming sucks, and parents who know for certain that becoming a parent is the craziest damn thing they ever did.. 

Our end goal is also to raise our collective consciousness — because happy, healthy parents have a better chance at raising happy, healthy kids, which means at this moment, you truly hold the power to shape our world for the better. 

Yes, So please head over to GonzoParenting.com where you can join our free community, and be sure to hit the subscribe button to be alerted when new podcast episodes come out!  

I’m your host Jay Rooke, and “welcome to Gonzo Parenting!”