Finding Comedy in the Chaos.

Come along for the wild ride as writer Jay Rooke shares the trials and tribulations of hands-on parenting. It’s going to get messy and you won’t want to miss it.

Gonzo Parenting [ˈɡänzō ˈperən(t)iNG]

Full-contact parenting. Being in the thick of the messy, authentic, barely-controlled chaos. Sharing the
humorous moments and humbling lessons learned. Reminding other parents that not one among us has their
sh*t together, and that’s okay. Actually, it’s hilarious.

Gonzo Parenting The Comic Book

Founder of Gonzo Parenting, Jay Rooke, has officially launched his debut book, Gonzo Parenting The Comic Book! This is a 100 page comic book for parents that feature a collection of comics, capturing the crazy, comedic, and eminently relatable moments of the parenting journey. Join in on the wild ride and order your copy today!

Jay Rooke
Jay Rooke


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The Visionary Behind Gonzo Parenting

Jay Rooke, the founder of Gonzo Parenting, is a writer, healer, and mentor who seeks to provide a comedic, cathartic space for overwhelmed parents. By helping them laugh and heal through storytelling andcommunity, he empowers parents to raise children with love and start healing the planet. He tells deeply relatable stories about the “trials and tribulations” of modern-day parenthood to help others cope with the crazy through humor and empathy.

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Jay Rooke

Gonzo Parenting Principles

At Gonzo Parenting our mission is to ease the stress of day-to-day parenting by providing a space where parents can laugh, chat, gain tips & tricks, and share their authentic stories (the good, the bad, and the hilarious). To do this, we make sure all of our content shares a combination of our community values: Comedy, Connection, Consciousness, Community & Catharsis. Welcome to your tribe!

What Gonzo Parents Are Saying…

“Wow!!! Jay Rooke. The stories that are coming to light during this COVID crisis are UNFORGETTABLE!!! Consider the blessings my friend!”

“I love you so hard. And yes, I am completely laughing at your misery. But I hear you! It ain't pretty right now. Not pretty at all.”

“Oh gosh, thank you for sharing this. I laughed so hard, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up the child who was sleeping on me.” “Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in many days! Not at your pain but at a great story! Kids - gotta love them!!”

“I shared this with two stressed out teachers who are also homeschooling their kids. Thank you for the laugh and hang in there!”

“I just peed a little laughing at this.”

“THIS needs to be in a podcast. I love so much that you shared this.”

“I’m sorry for your pain but dammit I laughed so hard at your misery!”

“What a visual! I was getting teary until the"punch" line and now my sides hurt from laughing. Intense parenting...I applaud you.”

The Gonzo Parenting Podcast

In the Gonzo Parenting podcast, we invite real parents to share their authentic, hilarious stories that capture the shitshow of modern parenting, by reporting from the frontlines and telling it like it really is.

Our real-life parents will talk truth about parenting in a round table environment where they’ll discuss the hidden challenges of being a parent, talk about the things that perfect parents would never talk about, share their best parenting tips & tricks, and of course their most epic Gonzo Parenting moments.


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My life took a lot of odd twists and turns to get here, but at the time of that photo, I was working as a correctional officer as a summer job in a local prison. Since then, I became a lawyer, went to culinary school, opened (and closed) a restaurant, moved cross-country to California, and, most notably, became the father of boy/girl twins.

One day during the toddler years, when all hell was breaking loose and I was nearing losing my mind, it somehow hit a stored stress memory and I thought back to my prison days. Shortly after, this top ten list was birthed

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