How It All Started…

Gonzo Parenting, like so many children born in 2021, was conceived during the pandemic…

Gonzo’s Founder Jay Rooke found himself posting a lot on Facebook, writing about his life parenting 6-year-old boy/girl twins. His followers would laugh, cry, and egg him on for more.

This growing, organic community of people amused by his shenanigans gave Jay a realization as they began to engage in the comment section: Parents needed a community for comedy, catharsis, connection and consciousness. Thus, Gonzo Parenting was born to create that space for parent’s to laugh, cry, share, communicate and see that they are not alone. Far from it, they are one of many Gonzo Parents! In this online
community, being imperfect is the perfect way to fit in.

About The Founder, Jay Rooke

Jay Rooke is the founder of Gonzo Parenting, a comedic and cathartic Facebook community to help parents laugh and heal with like-minded moms and dads.

He’s a writer, healer and mentor who thinks that the biggest challenge of child-rearing is doing the personal work necessary to become the parents we want to be. He’s also a former attorney, restaurateur and business coach.

He lives with his wife and six-year-old boy/girl twins in Sonoma, CA. He can often be found enjoying time with his family, in the middle of telling a really good story or making delicious meals (that his kids will surely not eat).

What Gonzo Parents Are Saying…

Oh gosh, thank you for sharing this. I laughed so hard, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up the child who was sleeping on me.” “Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in many days! Not at your pain but at a great story! Kids – gotta love them!!


I shared this with two stressed out teachers who are also homeschooling their kids. Thank you for the laug and hang in there!


What a visual! I was getting teary until the”punch” line and now my sides hurt from laughing. Intense parenting…I applaud you.


This was the most entertained I have been in a long time. Good thing is : you survived to tell the tale AND it’s a FANTASTIC and unique story. Well done you!


Let’s Connect!

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