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gonzo parenting the comic book Is here!

Founder of Gonzo Parenting, Jay Rooke, has officially launched his debut book, Gonzo Parenting The Comic Book! This is a 100 page comic book for parents that feature a collection of comics, capturing the crazy, comedic, and eminently relatable moments of the parenting journey. Join in on the wild ride and order your copy today!

About the book

The Gonzo Parenting comics reflect the absurdity of modern day parenting by capturing the crazy, comedic, poignant, and imminently relatable moments of the parenting journey. The Mom and Dad try to be good parents and maintain their sanity, but they’re overwhelmed and outmatched by their six year old boy/girl twins.

The comic is an extension of GonzoParenting.com, a hilarious & supportive online community for parents that are in the thick of it–they love their kids, but they don’t always love parenting! At Gonzo Parenting, our mission is to ease the stress of day-to-day parenting by providing a space where parents can laugh, chat, gain tips & tricks, and share their authentic stories (the good, the bad, and the hilarious).


About the Author & Illustrator

Author Jay Rooke, is a healer, writer, speaker and father who in the midst of the pandemic, discovered that writing and sharing his most chaotic and hilarious stories as a full-time parent, was as healing for him as it was for his followers who read them.

In his experience as a father, Jay realized that there’s no such thing as “perfect parenting” and that other parents must feel as dissatisfied with the current societal structure of child-raising as he – and so he was inspired to create a cathartic, communal, and comedic space that allowed parents to feel seen and heard.

Also being a former business coach, attorney and chef, Jay brings an entrepreneurial flavor to the brand in hopes of supporting and inspiring parents interested in starting a business and leading a life full of more freedom and fulfillment as another way to show up more powerfully as a parent.

The comics are illustrated by fellow father Manoj Vijayan.

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